Access To Our Exclusive SatoriCoach WhatsApp Group & Private Training Vault Is Complimentary  

(For online fitness & health pros, by application only.)

Our group is complimentary but exclusive – i.e. we have limited enrollment and an application process to ensure the highest standards in our private community.

It's a space reserved for online coaches who are vibrant, positive action takers and independent thinkers. Those accepted get my promise that the training and support you'll receive for free is better than most other paid programs costing thousands of dollars. 

But please don't take my word for it. Read below to see for yourself...

Nearly all these group members previously invested $2,000 to over $80,000 in other high ticket business consulting programs:

Imagine getting these results and insights when you're not even a client (and haven't paid a cent).

Here's a small sample of what you'll learn in our private SatoriCoach community:

If you've been in the trenches for a while as an independent personal trainer (in person and/or online), you've seen a "bubble" forming right in front of your eyes...

New coaches and fitness lead gen "experts" have been cropping up everywhere the last few years, promising to get you more clients or make 6+ figures online.

Interestingly, very few of these marketers have actually worked in the personal training industry for any significant amount of time (if at all). 

Of those who are showing you how to create and market online PT, fewer still ever made 6 figures themselves with a B2C (business to consumer) program before becoming a "business coach". 

How can that be?

Because the coaching industry has exploded, and everyone is learning and copying the gurus' business models and jumping into the big niches like digital marketing, e-commerce/drop shipping, and of course – health & fitness.

You've seen a bunch of ads all making similar promises to one another blowing up your newsfeed...

You've probably had people friend requesting you, then hitting you up with a pitch over messenger.

And how do they differentiate themselves from each other? 

Well one says, "All you need is my webinar funnel." Another one says, "Forget the complicated funnels, I'll show you my secret templates and chatbot system to get clients with social media." And the next one says, "Chatbots and funnels suck, check out my 5 Day Startup Challenge!"

But there's another shift happening right now and this is what you MUST understand:

1. Every single one of them, even the successful ones, are competing on linear tactics

2. Success in the future is not going to be determined by linear tactics.

It's very appealing to have someone tell you that you can just copy & paste their "business in a box,' deploy their tactics, and become successful. 

But the truth is that:

• Most of these tactics are not working like they were 1-2 years ago, at least in their current form (trust me, I'm privy to these discussions). 

• Many more are going to be compromised in the coming months and years as companies like Facebook crack down. This will effect organic marketing as well as paid advertising strategies. 

• Not to mention, more everyone is competing on a version of the same model the less effective those methods become anyway.

Chances are you're feeling it, and you can be sure your personal training prospects are feeling it.

It's time for a shift...

That's what this group is about –– going beyond copy & paste tactics and truly supporting at the ground level. 

So I'm putting my money (i.e., my time) where my mouth is, and sharing insights in this group that you'd won't even find in most PAID programs. 

Speaking as a trainer turned full-time gym owner ➡️ gym owner who created a 6-figure online B2C program part-time ➡️ and only then moved into business coaching & consulting nine years ago, I know how valuable it is to have someone there with you on the front lines. 

We've had enough gurus.

See you on the other side,


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