Welcome to the SatoriCoach WhatsApp Group & Private Training Vault

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you watch the video below, which outlines how everything works and what will happen next so you can fully enjoy the SatoriCoach community.

Hi and welcome aboard! It's great to have you here.

Please follow the next steps carefully:

1. Watch the welcome video above.
2. Read the following pre-entry instructions below.
3. Confirm your complimentary guest membership (Passport) and access to the Private Training Vault using the Red Button at the bottom of the page.

Please be sure to provide the following information when you arrive into the SatoriCoach WhatsApp Group so you can introduce yourself to the community:

• Full Name
• Your Niche
• Purpose Behind Your Business
•Your Current & Desired Situation
• Where You Would Like To Be 12 Months From Now

Please take the time to read the following below carefully so we can maximize your stay with us as a guest. 

Congratulations on being selected as a guest in our SatoriCoach WhatsApp Group. This private community is strictly by invitation only. 

There is also zero ego and no pushy B.S. here, as my existing clients allow pre-selected guests to share our private community alongside them.

This isn't some gimmick either –– it's very real and by design. Operating by invitation only allows us to maintain the vibrancy of adult entrepreneurs who appear to already know how to behave in high frequency environments. 

Here’s exactly what will happen next:

You’ll want to access the brand new Bullets Vault here below:

You’ll have 7 days from now to sign-up for your SatoriCoach Passport.

Instructions are laid out via a Foundations For Success Training inside the Vault. You'll find the link below. Please watch that in full as soon as possible (if you have the retention tolerance, you can always watch it at 1.5x or 2x speed).

If you're not signed up to that within 7 days don’t worry, we’ll handle removing you from the group as it is a prerequisite for your time with us as a guest (so I’d suggest not skipping it).

The most important attributes we look for in those we invite to participate in this exclusive group are good manners, purpose, and a high level of vibrancy. 

There is no absolutely no bullshit or negativity of any kind. (As you saw on the application, we maintain as strict "no dickheads" policy.)

And although I have an excellent track record in pre-selecting what appear to be first-class quality online coaches for this hand selected community, I’m human and sometimes don't get it right.

Just letting you know up front before you discover more about how everything works here because as you'll learn in the Setting Your Foundations training, pretty much everything we do here is inverted to and different from almost any other online high ticket fitness & health entrepreneurs community you’ve likely been part of prior to this. 

In approximately 15-30 days from now (the end of this month), once you’ve had time to properly absorb and understand the complimentary Private Training Vault and a real sense of this community, you’ll have an opportunity for a private viewing of the brand new demo for my program. 

It’s very simple and straightforward, and you’ll only receive quality, complimentary distinctions here at all times. I’m sure the other current guests and clients will verify this over the coming days for you as you settle in.

Most members (both guests and clients) say that my free content and coaching is better than the paid programs they've ever been a part of.

There are only 3 rules in this private community:

1. Ask specific questions 

2. Share wins learned from me (or other members) in this SatoriCoach WhatsApp Group or the Private Training Vault. 

3. Most important of all, vibrantly share this SatoriCoach WhatsApp Group with the right type of high frequency, self aware online PTs & coaches in your network. You’ll learn exact specifics about these rules in the Private Training Vault.

**These 3 Rules will be your "North Star" throughout your time here as a guest to ensuring you maximize your stay and don't get accidentally removed.

Very simple, but it prevents random ‘fluff’ from being posted, which just deviates from the main thing, which is results for your business

Other Important Information

Sometimes I get private direct messages from new guests, which are very polite and well-intended, but you won't get a response due to the fact we run an idea meritocracy here (if I don't reply it's not me being rude or egotistical). 

Not even my high net worth mastermind clients message me directly, because we've evolved to take these settings seriously to ensure that the quality and focus of the group doesn't become diluted. If my clients don't text me personally, then no else needs to do so either (guests). 

By the same token, any pitching, spamming, or general low vibrancy actions of that nature isn't done here. Not only is there a zero tolerance for this, as you'll discover we have some existing members who and publicly tag anyone doing that stuff and they will removed immediately. 

This goes for both explicit and implicit moves like adding links to one's "introductions" to the group in a way that's clearly for self promotional purposes.

Through iteration we've learned just how crucial this is not only for your own personal experience in the group, but also for understanding how to avoid having these types of individuals around your own business as you learn how to create your own organic lead & client generating machine.

Shortly you'll learn how to avoid and purge them from your business as well. 

Selection to this private community is based on the fact that the guests who are selected and personally invited by me appear to be developed adults who already know how to behave. But as with any adaptive complex nonlinear system, not every selection will be a fit. 

So while you're a guest here in our community I ask you to be respectful, open minded, and curious as my existing clients (who range from early stages of online coaching to those operating at 7 figures) allow you to share this exceptional space with them.

Fantastic to have you aboard! Just click the link below to go to the Private Training Vault and get started now.


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